About Asaf
About Sagi

Sagi is a part-time environmental consultant, part-time delusional game designer and full-time father of Ben, Jordy and Razz.

Asaf is the serious and super busy aviation engineer who just wants to be left alone to play. He is the proud father of Yael, Neta and Ofer.


We want you to create, play and share.

We Are OneByTwo

We designed our Quality Time Kits   so every parent can enjoy one-on-one time with their kids, without any screens involved. To have a truly fun and engaging off-screen experience, you don’t need to be super creative, you don’t need special tools or skills and you don’t need a lot of free time.


Our Quality Time Kits© are designed to be opened, built and played in less than an hour by one adult and one child (from the age of 6 and up). The Creativity of a Craft, the Engagement of a Board Game and the Spatial Thinking of Three-Dimensional puzzle, all packed into a single kit, delivered straight to your home.


And when your time is up, you can store, unfold it or recycle it to save space. The next design is on its way.

We hope you’ll have as much fun using our Quality Time Kits as we had when developing them. We hope you’ll find more fun, creative ways of your own to spend more time with your kids. We hope to see you here again and to surprise you with new designs.


That’s it for now. We’re too busy playing. You should try it too.

- Sagi & Asaf