Enjoying our kits? Need help filling your quality time with cool, off-screen content? Want to give a special someone the gift of quality time? Our Quality Time Kits© are designed for one adult and one child from the ages of 6 and up, to be built and played in less than an hour.


You’ll get one Quality Time Kit© delivered straight to your home every month for twelve months, for a special price. This means you can fit quality time into your own busy schedule. Open it on the spot or wait for the weekend. Take it with you to a sunny holiday or wait for a rainy day.


Our Quality Time Kits© are flat, and consume the space of a small magazine, so they are easily stored. When you’re done fold it, store it or recycle – the next one is already on its way!

Each kit comes with a new, original design combining an assembly kit, a tabletop game and a 3-dimensional puzzle. Package can be cancelled at any time - you only pay for what you received. All kits are Made in the USA.


Free Shipping. 


SKU: MMP5012
  • 100% FSC-certified recyclable paper

  • Pack Size: 9 X 7 X 2”