Store Policies


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


We are currently selling our products to customers with a US mailing address only. We are working on expanding distribution to other countries and regions. We’ll provide updates on shipping here and in our social media channels. However, if you reside elsewhere and really like our designs, please write to us directly so we can see what can be done. Shipping fees and taxes may apply to customers outside the US.

Because our products are made of 100% paper, once they are open they cannot be returned. However, we realize that some things can go wrong. Packaging mistakes can occur, and shipping can ruin a perfectly good kit. If you received a damaged or an incomplete kit, or the kit hasn’t arrived within 30 days of your first order, we’ll be happy to replace it. Send us an email with an image and few lines of what went wrong, and we’ll replace it without any charge.


We work hard to make our kits fun, engaging and safe. We spend a lot of time and resources to make sure that adults can enjoy our kits as much as kids. We do our best to make sure that our graphics and words have a universal appeal. We designed our build & play instructions, so they’ll be simple, precise and readable.

However, we realize that different people have different views about what is fun, what is play and what is quality time. If you find that one of our kits is not what you had in mind, please write to us directly and let us know why you think it isn’t working for you. Please attach an image of the kit in best form you were able to build or play it. If you genuinely tried it and didn’t enjoy it, we’ll refund you in full. Please note that we won’t refund unopened kits or kits that have been destroyed or damaged by reasonable wear and tear.


We know that our kits can only be as good as the people who use them. With every new prototype, we have people telling us what’s working and what’s not so great. We have people testing our designs and letting us know what they think. We have professionals checking the specs and improving the design. But to take this to next level we need your help. We want to create a real community of people who enjoy our kits and want to help us shaping their future design.

Please share with us and with others what you like about our kits, but also what wasn’t so good. Let us know what you think should be the theme of our next design, whether you like game of strategy more than games of chance, or how our kits have affected your quality time. We’d like to hear the good stuff, but we’re open for some tough love as well. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to share your ideas and your experience with others.